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tradition represented by the lateen sail

LATEEN SAIL 2009 - regatta

For 12 years now, the tradition of the lateen sail has been going through a renneissance. Once, the ships called gajeta, propelled by the latin sail, were a staple of the island's economy and an integral part of the island's life. Now they're making a comeback.

The 10th Lateen Sail Race was held at the end of September. This is the twelfth year in a row the race is being held, but this was only the tenth race in its current form. The first two are officially considered practice rounds. Over the years, the annual lateen sail gathering has grown into a major event. From only a few gajeta it has evolved into the Lateen Sail Day, a whole spectacle devoted to the tradition of the lateen sail gajeta, with guests from the entire Adriatic coast, culminating in the large race, with 77 participating crews this year. Ships from as far as Rovinj, Moscenicka Draga and Rab to the North, and Hvar and Split to the South. And every town from Murter and surrounding islands and mainland had to have an entrant: Tisno, Jezera, Vrgada, Biograd, Pasman, Tkon, Pakostane, Tribunj, Vodice, Srima, Sepurina, Prvic Luka, Zlarin, Primosten . . .










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