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tradition represented by the lateen sail
14. 5. 2018.




BURTIŽ started as a separate part of the web page Otok Prvić http://www.otokprvic.info/. At first it served to bring news and reports from the Šepurina Burtiž - lateen sail regata. Soon it also included reports from other similar events: Rovinj batana regata, Lateen sail days and the Murter regata, Rota palagruzona, Betina...

Now BURTIŽ has the widest collection of reports, useful informaton and associated material about traditional sailing in Croatia. It presented a lot of traditional regatas, but unfourtenately, some significant regatas, mainly from Kvarner, are still not presented, but it is planned to present them as well through the next two years. In the meantime, new content is being added: presenting prominent traditional boats, a chapter on shipbuilding, attempts to boost exhibition activities, and a Facebook for Burtiž to improve communication with fans of traditional boats.


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