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tradition represented by the lateen sail
27. 10. 2023.

Betina 20.8.2023.


After every regatta, the first question is how it was. If there were people and boats at the regatta, if there was food and drink, if you could sit in the shade and if sailing was not a hassle, then the regatta was successful. Big manifestations, and the Regatta for soul and body wants and can be that, it needs much more. What, what? Needs additional content. As far as I heard and guessed, there were several lectures the day before. I first saw Luciano Keber and Petar Španjol, then Irena Radić Rossi and Robert Mohović. This means that there were probably beautiful and instructive lectures from the maritime present and past.

We often remember in our daily conversation when Željko Jerat was editing the Days of the Latin Sail that there were very valuable lectures, but also lively polemics about what and how to organize and take action in preserving the maritime tradition. If the managers of the maritime events in Betina are going in that direction, then let's wish them success, and let's help as much as we can. Regattas come and go. The ships that were prepared for them remain, and the stories, conversations, lectures, exhibitions that were created in the process remain. As Betina has to support everyone in her surroundings who are involved in the preservation of tradition and heritage, they also have to, within their abilities, help Betina in creating content and a positive framework for the realization of common goals and plans. As I saw, the people of Bettina are seriously going in that direction.

The story of the regatta itself is the story of the wind or winds. South wind, mistral and bora have changed at least twice. At the very start, the mistral turned into a southerly, so there were several stuck that were quickly cleared with both hands and oars and ropes. Something similar happened near the end of the regatta, when a bora prompted us to leave earlier for Prvić. A lot of people means a lot of opportunities for a pleasant conversation, but unfortunately there is not enough time, so we are impatiently waiting for the next regatta.


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