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tradition represented by the lateen sail

BURTIZ Sepurina 24.8.2008.

The idea of a lateen sail sailing race was born ten years ago in Murter, and their enthusiasm soon spread to the surrounding islands. Prvic Sepurina soon joined, as competitors at first, and this is the second race or "burtiz" under their organization. The efforts of organizers paid off in a big turnout of competing teams and spectators, making this Burtiz a resounding success.

BURTIZ - preparations

Good organization is key to the success of any endeavour, and wise words of advice are always welcome.

BURTIZ - the regata

Sepurine is lucky in that spectators can follow the entire race course from one place; starting at the Guin pier, turning at Tribunj, along the island Tiat, around Kominica, and back to the Guin pier.

BURTIZ - celebrations

The victory celebration is a crucial, key part of the event.







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