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tradition represented by the lateen sail

BURTIZ Sepurina 28.8.2011.


This is the fifth time so far we've sailed in Sepurina. With it's couple dozen boats the Sepurina Burtiz is considered a medium to small regata, but it's reputation is a lot bigger than that. Due to beneficial circumstances, this regata is gladly visited by a lot of people. Sailors from Betina and Murter come with 10-15 boats, together with some friends from Zadar. The neighbours from Vodice, Tisnjan, Tribunj, Sibenik, Luka and Zlarin are practically locals.

New boats arrived here too, which we are very happy to see. Mati Jezerka, Cicibela and MU887, which's name i don't know yet, were all stars this whole season.

The competitors from Tribunj arrived with a new sail, eager to start with the tough competition. A 100-year-old boat arrived from Pasman, being a tradition of Abraham and Simun. When we talk about about newer or renewed boats, a special congratulations to the appearance of new young crews, giving the crew from Frzopi a competition.

The morning bura weakened and now a maestral keeps a comfortable temperature in the dock. The atmosphere reminds of a home party. Old friends meet and look foward to new meetings.

What puts this event among other big events in the world of traditional sailing is the party that lasts the whole day with the whole village and all of the guests and friends completely occupy the docks and the few taverns. The hot weather inspired the competitors to organize a little fun with artistic water jumping. Not bad for a start.

Maestral picked up some speed on the start, making sailing even more enjoyable. Around thirty boats set sail southwest twoards Kominjica to the first turn. A lot of the guests expirience the magic of sailing for the first time. The boats lean and rush foward with the sounds of the ocean and wind.

Expirienced sailors can feel the wind and are able to adapt quickly to any condition. They're pushing the boats to their limits. Perfect sailing.

Right after Kominjica the regata is stretching and the favourites rush twoard the buoy that's between Tribunj and Vodica.

By swapping their signature red sail with a new white one, the Dumina from Tribunj wasn't recognized until it reached the finish line. It was followed up with the other favourites.

After the trip people scattered over the whole dock, everyone gathering over barbeque and wine.

Bažokići plays "mura"


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