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tradition represented by the lateen sail

BURTIZ - Sepurina 24.8.2014.


For the last two years weather was not in favor of Burti¾. This year the weather changes so often we're afraid to even listen to the forecast. Even though we were hoping for the best weather, we were still very surprised with the nice weather. Sunny, but not hot with a nice breeze.

Murterians, Betinians and Jezerans arrived before 11 am. There are also people from Zlarin, Pa¹man, Srima, Vodice, ©ibenik and Krapanj that are new to Lateen Sail. All the prerequisits for a good traditional event are here.

Boats sail out to their starting positions, which are not actually defined due to a organization mistake, so we had a flying start. Good wind makes for smooth sailing, with the favourites rushing forward relatively early.

Too bad that I missed a good opportunity for taking photos of boats with ©epurine in the background because of the bad start. There will be another chances, I hope like in Betina a week before.

Around twenty gajetas, leuts and other smaller boats are lighty sailing behind the leading favourites. They don't care about winning, but are still very competitive. Everyone still has to follow the rules of sailing, and their unintentional breaking is tolerated.

For quite some time now on regatas, there is a big battle between the gajeta Mala Matulię from Pa¹man and the Sirotica from Murter. They always come prepared, and we hope to watch these two crews duking it out on the sea in future regatas.

Once we end the regata, we take a look back and analyze all the critical moments to plan our next sailing trip. Even though the tourist season is nearing it's end, there is still a lot of work in the wolrd of traditional sailing. Check out the calendar.


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