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tradition represented by the lateen sail
5. 6. 2017.

6. Fiumare - 31.5-7.6.2017.


Rijeka developed as traffic and industrial center thanks to the maritime sector: shipbuilding, shipping, port traffic and fishing. The origin of this are people dedicated to living by and from the sea. This fact got lost in this big city, so small boats set sail on Korzo and got people thinking. As a reminder of the important link between the people and the sea, the FIUMARE festival was devised and reminds us and explains the link between Rijeka and its maritime tradition.

The first time FIUMARE was held back in 2012, it was a side event of the Fiumanka regatta. Back then, a few boats set sail in front of hundreds of people watching from their cruisers and showed their skill. As time went by, the event grew in size, creating more content and pojects. The results are an increased number of successful projects in the museum segment and old boats restoration.


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