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tradition represented by the lateen sail

Mountain regatta - Fuzine 18.5.2013.


The first mountain regata is something unusual and historical. Cold weather and dark clouds gather, but are dispersed with the arrival of the first boats. The sun now shines ove the lake Bajer while people are making final preparations.

The event started with a couple hours of sailing for the guests and children. This is a good tradition, because it develops a sense of admiration for sailing. It was also good for the competitors that were here for the first time to get to know the lake.

An exceptional ambience, good wind and a postivie atmosphere made for a good regata. Even though the track was short, the way the wind was affected by the hills and forest made it challenging and unpredictable.

Although SOL EOL and it's crew were out of the comptetition because of the nontraditional materials used in construction of their boat, they were definetly a part off us in spirit. Flipping and sinking is not uncommon in these parts, and they got the chance to feel how cold the water is.

I hope that photographs of Fužina with this many boats with full sails will become more common, like Opatija. I also hope that these boats sail in other lakes in neighbouring countries to promote the kvarner regata.

The constant weather changes cause uncertainty, but also make the sailing more interesting. It also gave a new dynamic of light for photographers to use. The hosts took care of the rest. The most important part of these regatas is the friendly atmosphere where no one is a stranger and everyone is welcome. This kind of hospitality put this regata right next to the regatas in Betina, Šepurina and Mošćenićka Draga.

With a little help from their friends, SOL EOL embarked once again. The captian told me this wasn't the first time it sunk.

The people responsible for this beautiful event.
Congratulations to everone, and see you all next time!
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