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tradition represented by the lateen sail

Lantina - Jezera 21.7.2013.


To start as a novice in organizing traditional Lateen Sail regatas and making it all the way to being one of the best in just one year you need a lot of hard work and enthusiasm. Congratulations to the guys from Jezera in achieving this.

They greeted their visitors and participators like friends, treated them nicely, sailed and sang with them.

Talking about their success like this makes it seem easy, but... Three years ago Mati Jezerka arrived in Betina, followed by Baba Cvita and Bačurkovica the year after, and the fleet grew and grew. They went to other regatas, bringing more grandeur to the traditional ceremony. Last year they organised their own very first regata. And got a lot of praise for it. This year they continued, and expanded their fleet in the meantime.

Lots of boats with lateen sails. They arrived all over from Šepurine and Tribunj to Biograd, Pašman and Ugljan. The locals from all over Murter are very supportive when it comes to these kinds of events. There's a lot of people on the boats. A festive atmosphere.

The starting line has been set on a solid position. Not very good for the viewers, but good for sailing.

The boats rushed at the start signal, fueled by a favorable wind. With a loud murmur, the first group easily built up good speed, the leuts as well as the smaller boats. Couple of moments later, the signal was given to the gajetas. Bura in the stern of the boats pushed a large group of forty-ish boats. The group dispersed after turning, when the wind was blowing to the broadside.

A very nice and interesting journey. I was sailing with the first group of gajetas. We all finished the regata each within 5-6 meters of one another. Leut Jaruh got to the finish line a few minutes before us, winning both in it's class and overall. But everyone sailed very well.

There was a lot of people on the boats. Some of them have just met and wanted a photo as a reminder of this amazing event. And the song has just begun. Besides the modern dalmatian pop, we had traditional singing as well, which was more fitting for this company. A beautiful event that will, for most of the people, remain in their memories.

The best critics are those who went through almost a dozen traditional regatas, and they had nothing but praises for this one.

We wish everyone the best, and look forward to the next Lateen Sail in Jezera.

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