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tradition represented by the lateen sail
3. 8. 2016.

Lantina - Jezera 24.7.2016.


In Jezera on the island of Murter there is an organized series of maritime manifestations ending on the pre-season Sunday with the July Traditional Boats regatta. Over the years, the Association of the South side built a reputation. Every year they have advanced, and this year they received the final component needed to achieve highest reputation. The sailing was exceptional.
The relaxed Jezera atmosphere calmed the participants. Only a few have realized that the wind is strong and prepared: they took the appropriate crew and shortened their sails. The rest were just beginning to realize there was any wind. The ships set sail faster than expected. Withing the first hundred meters, the sea was already foaming underneath the boats. The crumpled sails showed the force of the wind.

You know you're sailing smoothly when the sails are full and without a single crease. The boats looked like horns in a sack, and every so often one of them starts rocking from side to side. Trouble is brewing behind the island of Maslinjak. While some have entered lee on one side of the island, others caught wind and suddenly rushed towards it. One latina snapped, a few sails were torn, some broken oars and a lot of crewmembers wet. Harsh conditions caused most of the contestants to give up. Among fourty boats, only fifteen finished the race. But, these are the conditions that make a race memorable.
A question that is asked quite often is "Why are you sailing a sport discipline using transport vessels?". Truth is, these are no ordinary transport vessels.

Not so long ago, without engines, without navigation, without weather prognosis, the only means of making it through rough weather was either finding a good port or relying on your own skills. Leaving just before or arriving on time to save your boat and your own skin is now considered an extreme sport. The fifth Latina, in a way, resembled this. Sailors, caught off guard, sailing to the best of their abilities. Luckily, not one boat sank.

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