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tradition represented by the lateen sail
9. 8. 2018.

Jezera 22.7.2018.


Lantina Jezera once again successfully sailed and showed in which direction it is developing its relationship to maritime heritage and culture. This year, the Ambassador of the Republic of France to the Republic of Croatia was invited as a guest.


France's attitude towards maritime heritage, both its own and the Mediterranean, is something we especially appreciate. And Jezera showed that by hosting Mrs. Corinne Meunier and her husband. As expected for the French, the guests were interested in several seafood specialties prepared in a local way. Tuna steak, risotto with shrimp, mussels on buzara, Adriatic squid whole, roasted octopus with potatoes, black risotto, roasted zucchini, fresh tomatoes. They also liked the sailing and the whole ceremony.

As other guests was the society of Slovenes gathered around the portal www.morjeplovec.net. They were at the regatta last year and immediately after it began preparations for this year. The friendly atmosphere means continuing to sail together and eagerly awaiting the next Lantina.

Another important feature of this year's voyage is the appearance of several new ships. Along with the already shown new gajeta MU 1811 of the Betina shipyard of Mile Jadrešić, the gajeta Prvinka MU 1813, recently renovated at shipyard Ćiro in Betina, also sailed. Another significant appearance is the first gajeta from Tisno (TI 1) in the regatta, which could mean the imminent start of sailing in Tisno. This time, the schooner Lirica briefly joined the formation of the regatta voyage. Although on a symbolic level it is still a beautiful and promising phenomenon.

Finally, a few words about sailing. In a nice wind the start was very dynamic. The fight for a better position in the first hundred meters is hard to forget. After that, it seemed that the competition of several main favorites would be common, however, the sudden appearance of a strong sea current and a tidal wave visible on the shore made sailing uncertain. The ships remained in place for no apparent reason and took turns leading until the very end.

All in all, Lantina Jezera is a great event that shows how to encourage tradition and preserve heritage.The regatta took place a few days after the final of the World Cup between France and Croatia. Great day for both nations. We wish our French guests family happiness and business success.

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