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tradition represented by the lateen sail
27. 10. 2023.

Jezera 23.7.2023.

The Lantina regatta in Jezeri was held for the twelfth time. The recovery of the association's activities after the corona epidemic was very quick and successful. According to the years of holding Dani lantine, we can count it as a manifestation of medium standing. But in terms of content, it deserves the title of more advanced events oriented towards the tourist promotion of its maritime heritage. For several years now, they have been carrying out friendship activities between the Južnja strana association and the morjeplovci.si association, so they are organizing a Slovenian evening in which a gastronomic and enological emphasis is expected.

The multi-day heat affected the participants, so a significant number of crews came just before the start, knowing that spending several hours in the sun will not increase their sailing potential. The expected large number of boats in the light wind made the regatta showboating except for two details. The first exit from the lee near the southern point of Murter, when some boats sailing farther from the coast were the first to speed up significantly, which largely determined the order in the further course of the regatta.

Another significant detail is the fight between the two crews for the first position. The boat TI183698 with the young skipper Emilio and MU229 with the experienced Dario sailed within twenty meters the whole time. Every mistake by the rival meant a change in the leading position. In the end, the duel ended with the advantage of the hosts Emilio, which the organizers accompanied with a champagne. Most participants approach sailing without great sporting ambitions. It is much more important for them to board a few guests and show them the magic of sailing.

This time, the people of Jezera have shown that they easily organize demanding events and at the same time fully meet the expectations of the participants. In this case, they are: top cuisine, pleasant socializing and great entertainment.

There were no participants from the Pašman region at the regatta. Recently, a fisherman from Ugrinić, the center of traditional sailing on the island of Pašman, died in an accident. In addition, he was one of the initiators of their regatta, so his relatives, friends and colleagues are in mourning. We also grieve for the man who died in an accident because of a fool who does not know and does not respect the sea and all participants in navigation.


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