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tradition represented by the lateen sail
27. 8. 2016.

Sails of Krk - 15.8.2016.


At the last strike of the clock at noon on the Feast of the Great Lady, one of the oldest regattas of traditional boats on the Adriatic started. 19. Krka Sails. This was the first time I attended this significant maritime manifestation. There was enough wind for the small boats to make an attractve start under the bell tower of the cathedral. Unfortunately, this wind was insufficient for the larger boats. Once again, the Kvarnerian saying that they have either too much or too little wind proved to be justified.

An excellent organization has shown that the next 20th anniversary can make a significant contribution to the great jubilee. To remind you: alongside the Krka Sails is the 20th anniversary of Latinsko Idro, the boat Marathon, as well as the beginning of the Falkuša project. Well organized associations first prepare the boats for shipment, and then devote themselves to social activities, most important of which are dinner talks and commemorative prizes.



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