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tradition represented by the lateen sail
5. 6. 2017.



The presentation of the restored boat is the most solemn event in the world of maritime tradition.


Rebuilding the boat means that the whole story that has been going on for twenty years is yielding results and makes sense. The city of Krk has decided to add one fishing boat to its fleet of traditional boats. Bragoc. With the financial support of those who manage money and the enthusiasm of those who understand boats and the sea, something has been done to the pride of both, and for the benefit of the whole community. Anyone who would like to do something similar just needs to follow this example.

How did it all start?
Story by Nedeljko Dunato.

From the Mayor of Krk, Darijo Vasilić, I received approval for the project of procurement, arrangement and exhibition in the Krk port of Bragoca, a ship that marked Krk fishing and whose last copy left the port of Krk in the 1960s. Through friends Alvis Benussi from Rovinj and Giorgio Riggeti from Venice, we found a boat in Venice that could suit our needs. I gathered a team to inspect Bragoc and took Željko Skomeršić, a famous Krk ship model and a good connoisseur of traditional wooden shipbuilding, and Robert Mohović, president of the Association of Traditional Sails of Kvarner and Istria and road leader Alvis Benussi. In Venice, we met with Giorgio Suppiej, president of the Arzana Association of Ship Donors, and we were led by Giorgio Riggeti.
We determined that the ship is not in great condition, but that its shape and dimensions fully correspond to our wishes, so I informed the mayor of this knowledge and the offer was accepted.

Noliot d.o.o. (Prendivoj family) brought us a boat to Bajčići on Krk. Only now, on dry land, could a detailed inspection of the ship be carried out. It was determined that the qualification "is not in great condition" and does not correspond to the truth. The ship is in very poor condition and I get suggestions that it is wisest to forget the cost of transport, apologize to the Italians and burn it.

But, that bragoc really has a soul. Beautiful line. Who would destroy it.

From an ugly duckling, from a caterpillar, by diligent work, a beautiful swan, a fascinating butterfly, is created. And so he sailed to his new port in Krk to the delight of many lovers of maritime and shipbuilding tradition.


The second part of the program, the opening of a small maritime museum was done in a literal way.

What does that mean?

The keys are lost somewhere, and as there is nothing impossible for sailors, with a slightly stronger tool, the door is open even before the official ceremony.

The presented content is the one that could be collected on Krk. For connoisseurs it is very interesting in detail, and for the uninitiated it is attractive in appearance. There are a lot of original accessories: brass and bronze devices in beautiful lacquered wooden boxes. Of particular interest is the antique cockpit: a compass and a steering wheel in a combination of wood and brass with which visitors can shoot sefis.

The formal opening was done in an informal way. People gathered on the street and the nearby square and talked over snacks, water and wine. So they sang a little and explained along the way how they did everything. For those who have similar desires and plans very useful and instructive. A simple formula is explained: by working together and agreeing, anything can be done.

Formally, both bragoc Paolina and the presentation center are part of the Mala Barka 2 project. This project has done a lot of work to preserve the maritime heritage of the northern Adriatic. Kvarner and Istria have been well organized before, so it was only a matter of time before the results became widely visible.

See more about the Mala Barka 2 project on their website: www.malabarka.eu


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