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tradition represented by the lateen sail


This whole year of traditional sailing can be symbolically summarized in this last event. It's no longer a question if someone will come, only what the weather will be like. There were a lot of people and a lot of boats, coming all the way from Kvarner, Hvar and Komiža.

The Bažokić company, named after their leut, are the soul of traditional fests of the island of Murter.

In the end, quite a lot of boats came together, and traveled a very long way.

We have a lot of young crews this year, and more join us every year.

Good to see a few all female crews.

Everything is full of people. The docks and the boats. There's unintrusive music playing in the background.


The start of the regata is the most exciting part. Boats trying to get an early lead, ropes tangling, all these boats, big and small, and their sails fully spread...

A favourable wind for everyone. The forecast said strong winds and a lot of rain. Luckily, the weather was fine until late into the night.

It was a very intense and interesting race up to the cape of Gradina, due to the wind constantly changing direction and speed. From there the favourites gained a significant lead and were neck to neck right up till the finish line.

Even though the weather is starting to look grim, most crews still remain cheerful.

The area around the island of Sustipanac can be particulary tricky, because of annoying leer one can fall into.

Bažokići arrived, and they were all happy. They were sailing with the youngest generation of sailors.

Back at the fest, we celebrate another good sailing here on Murter, remembering the last season when the weather wasn't in our favor. But the goal was never just to sail. By coming together, by visiting each other, we keep the tradition alive.


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