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tradition represented by the lateen sail

marathon Metkovic - Ploce 11.8.2012.


Here I am on the Marathon of Ladjas, in Metkovic. After some refreshments I examined the area of the event. Unfortunately, I didn't announce myself to the organizators, so I had to manage to find good opportunities to take pictures. There are a lot more people on this event than on our Latinsko idro regattas.

There are almost fourty crews lined up at the start. Each boat has ten rowers, a helmsman and a drummer. Drummers are essential for good synchonization, which is harder due to the big noise from the other contestants. The crews set out for warm-up. I estimate the time I have to take a few pictures before I rush to the train that follows the regata.


It's an impressive sight when everyone rushes forward, rowing frantically. This part lasts for more than a minute before everyone start going downstream. I took twenty pictures, and if two of them are any good i'm happy.

I follow the race from train. Even though I don't know any of the boats, crews or who the favourites are, I understand what's going on. Most of the passangers on the train don't. The boats prefer to navigate near the right side of the river, since the current is steadier. It would be better if I were also on the right side with my car, but that would mean driving in a line. I wanted to do some spontaneous photographing anyways.

The boats spread into several groups, and the scenery on the lake is beautiful. The spectator boats sail alongside them. Both shores are full of people.

The crews of Komin and Bacina keep interchanging leaderships for a good two and a half hours. They are main rivals, and they wont give up until the very end.

While the marathon was going on, firemans, with an assistance of the local police force, were struggling with a fire in the valley of Neretva.

Entering the channel before Ploce makes passing very difficult for the contestants, so the most intense battle will be in the final stretch before the port where the area is wide enough.

At the end I'm pleased with the photos. I always try to talk my freinds from latinsko idro to come to Neretva to see the organization of the event. Together we could accomplish we always dreamed of: FESTIVAL OF THE SEA. In the same way the representatives of Zadar and Sibenik can learn a few things from this event and do what is expected of them.


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