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tradition represented by the lateen sail

MORBIHAN 2015 - Entrance parade

Croatia was represented by eleven boats, a shipbuilding workshop and a maritime museum that consisted of:

* Velimir Lojpur, Split, models of our boats: trabakul, bracera, falkusa, leut...
* Damir Višić, Split, amazing grops tied in bottles
* old tools from a fishing museum in Vrboska
* Damir Karuza Kalambera, island of Vis, fishing workshop
* Association of Metković, a traditional boat from Neretva
* Boško Lučev, Zagreb, Croatian traditional boats, photo exhibition


A mother with her son visited our museum one day. The child wanted a small boat made out of a sea shell. She explained that the price tag of two euros was too much for her. The child kept insisting, but to no avail. Our modeler, Vele, saw this and gifted the boat to the boy. The same day, the boy and his mother returned so that he could give Vele a boat he made out of cuttlefish marrow.

Our tent, that was next to the kitchen in the middle of the village, was in the middle of all ground events.

A parade was marching through the gulf, from the port Navalo to its destionations in 16 cities of the gulf of Morbihan. The first major attraction were the huge sailing ships, alongside hundreds of smaller boats. On one side of the ravine is the mighty Atlantic, and on the other side is a view on a timid sea with 42 islands. There is, however, a strong current when entering it, so smaller boats find it difficult to traverse this part.

In the crowd of a couple hundred boats, it's easy to spot the chessboard patterned sail of the Betina gajeta Salvia that was in the company of the rest of our boats.

For the next six days, the space around our tents, the central stage and the immediate vicinity of our fleet in the port Vannes, had a traditional dalmatian atmosphere.

Morbihan Week

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