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tradition represented by the lateen sail

MORBIHAN 2015 - Day of Arz island

Island of d'Arz Day is a folk festival that fit into the Week. Our boats sailed into Port Blanc, where there were hundred of boats gathered, and then sailed to the island of d'Arz. The sea was dominated by sailing ships.

A sight that is reminiscent of old times, except for the inflatable boats with jet engines.

The one ship that stood out the most was the english Kaskelot. This impressive sailing ship with three masts was built after World War II and it stands as a reminder of the foundation of the English empire.


On the other side is the troop from Neretva. A small boat with a merry rower Paško impressing the other sailors with his dexterity. He held up well against the waves and currents.

Approaching the finish line we saw over a thousand boats. Mostly smaller ones, good for navigating through the gulf, and a lot of rowing boats with between two and ten rowers.

Thousands of people exited from hundreds of boats and hung out together while enjoying a song, food and drinks.

Our countrymen started dancing and were soon joined by others to the sound of dalmatian music.

An organization that is capable of perfectly handling two thousand boats and almost seven thousand people for one week showed their strengths even when everyone was leaving. Small boats and large ships, moving in every direction without any difficulties.

Harbour with boats is under atractive lights.

Morbihan Week

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