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tradition represented by the lateen sail

MORBIHAN 2015 - Vannes

Every day, in each of the sixteen cities of the gulf of Morbihan, there have been sea related activities. Whole flotillas of boats were circling the gulf from port to port. In our port in Vanes we held exhibitions, promotions, there was singing, dancing and chatting with appropriate drinks and food.

Every day, flotillas would go from port to port. Looking at videos taken from the sky, it seemed like everyone in the gulf was sailing. Over two thousand boats were sailing at the same time.

Vanes is the largest city in the gulf area. The once commercial harbor, sheltered from the mighty Atlantic, is now a top tourist destination, filled with tourists during the whole year.

Even though there were numerous shipbuilders that work on traditional boats, our Little School of Shipbuilding got a lot of attention. In this school, local children learned about constructing a boat. Under the lead of our expirienced instructors, they built their own boat in a few days. On the last day they launched their boat and sailed through the port with it.

Morbihan Week

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