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MORBIHAN 2015 - Croatian evening at Port Navalo

The port of Port Navalo is situated on the entrence to the Gulf of Morbihan. Sea currents are awlays strong in this tight area. A chance to see who can handle them.

Our first contact with the big ocean was impressive, especially since we're from the relatively small Adriatic. Everything here is on a much greater scale. The seafronts are couple of meters high, beaches are under water for half of the day, and high and low tides have a difference of a few meters.

The children gathered around the big pool while the adults gathered around the table with food.

The main local musical instruments are wind instruments. They're playing a few forms of bagpipes and several forms of fifes. Very loud music they enjoyed playing.

We had two performancecs, an afternoon one and a night one, showing the emotions and refinement of southern Europe.

Morbihan Week

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