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MORBIHAN 2015 - Croatian Day at Vannes
The hosts showed us in multiple ways that Croatia was the guest of honor. The Croatian village was in the organizational center of the festival; the Croatian fleet was announced by it's name, not number; Croatian evening on the entrance to the gulf; Croatian Day was aligned with their national holiday and the bagpipe music festival. All of the venues were completely full the whole day.

Strong wind with rain was expected. Rain came and went a few times. People already used to this kind of weather presisted the entire day.

The wind was interfering with sailing, so our boats stayed at another port. You don't defy the sea.

The bagpipers were not deterred from their parade by even the biggest rain that day.
In the evening, there was a party held on board the Hydrograaf for the hosts. With food and drink, we summarize the past few days. When will our organization reach these levels. Will our boats, if not we, witness that time.

Morbihan Week

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