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tradition represented by the lateen sail
24. 7. 2017.

Mošćenička Draga 14.-16.7.2017.


Driving towards Moščenićka Draga, thoughts of the bad weather forecast keep coming to mind. I found comfort in the fact that if the regatta was canceled, at least the other part of it, the festival with its accompanying high quality lectures, would still be held. On the same evening, the guc Mošćeninka was scheduled to be launched as a part of the Mala Barka project. This charming boat is just over 4m long and was built in 1912. More champagne is being prepared, because there are more launchings in store.

The whole morning sailors and boats were being prepared for the regatta. Just before the start, bura picked up in speed so the start was very rough. Small boats resist capsizing with great dexterity. Every maneuver, and especially turning around buoys, viewers are monitoring with excitement. The sailing is arduous and hard for the sailors, but rewarding for photographers, as these conditions give ample opportunities to make a good shot. These are the sailings that are often remembered. One of the crews made a careless maneuver and everyone ended up in the water. Everyone else is trying to help.

Before leaving, I visit the old town of Mošćenice. It's situated on top of the hill. The large church attests to the former wealth that probably came from fishing and Draga. Their beautiful beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful ones on the Adriatic, is now their tourism trump card.


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