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tradition represented by the lateen sail
16. 7. 2023.

Navigation around Prvić 5.8.2022.

Driving around Prvić has returned to normal. Corona quickly left everyday life. It remained only in stories and in the memories of people who left too soon.

So it was according to the standard pattern: Branko took the boat the others first in the port, and then they go outside. Song, trumpets, joy. Šepurinjani also joined. As usual, the spectacular return after the whole circuit around Prvić starts the yachtsmen in the harbor from their afternoon rest. Like a storm, a large group of ships rushes in and brings the festival to the village square with a song. This time, there is also an end to the festivities, because the village authorities did not expect the end of the corona, so they avoided the expenses of the celebration.

They will also sail around Prvić in the future in memory of the victory in the Homeland War, while the memory of the corona will quickly fade!



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