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tradition represented by the lateen sail

ROTA PALAGRUZONA 2010 - Hvar - Vis

The first phase of Rota Palagruzona was sailing from Hvar to Vis. Preparing the boats for this trip is an event that Hvar and it's inhabitants haven't seen in quite a wile. The attraction gathered a lot of onlookers. Tramuntana raised 2-3 meter high waves on the open sea, so a rough trip is expected. Due to wind, the starting line is moved to Veliki Vodnjak in order to avoid difficulties in fron of the harbour.

The brass orchestra shows the attention of the people, while the photographers show the attention of the media.

The activity on the boats attracted a lot of people, showing how good was the decision to hold the regata earlier. If the people were able to see the very trip, it would have attracted viewers farther away from Hvar and Vis.

Fellow seamen shorten tha time to the start talking about the usual themes: boats and the sea.

Start was announced.


Excitement raises amongst the crew members. There is no time to think about the weather.


Bazokic, Kurnatarica, falkusa.

The most beautiful traditional boats of the Jadran set sail towards Pakleni otoci.


The crews await for the starting signal in the lee of Veli Vodnjak. Sails are readied and engines are shut down. Due to high waves, the regata supervision boat could hardly be seen, let alone the buoyu.

The Rota Palagruzona has started, the first phase of the regata. The best crews took advantage of the good wind and rushed forward. Jaruh went of full sail, followed by falkusa and the rest.

The Bente Dorte loves this kind of strong wind for a smooth sail.

The Kurnatarica is having a hard time with the big wavesm, but is proceeding and doing well against the favorites, the falkusa.

Big boats handle the rough sea with ease while still sailing at full speed.

Dumina caught some sea so it's having a hard time, RG... switched from rows to it's engine, but manages to keep on track on this rough sea. The crews from Korcula and Hvar, even though they are on home terrain, are having difficulties fighting the sea. The waves are forcing all of the crews to maximum caution. One can fully understand the famous words "navigare necesse est".

Falkusa Comeza Lisboa and Mikula are sailing well, but are not able to gain up to the Jaruh from Murter. Deciding wether to shorten the sails or not may determine the winner. The standings are hard to follow because some of the boats dissappear and reappear from behind the high waves.

As a crew member of the leut Bazokic I had a part in sailing and taking photos. Luckily for me, I was sailing with expirienced seamen, Ivo and Pero, so I've shared their security and courage on this, for me, pretty vicious sea.


The vicotry of the Zeljko Jerat crew on the Jaruh is a joy for all the crews from Murter and Betina. The final 35 second difference between the first two boats made the final arrival intense untill one of them passed the finish line. "What if" discussions went on forever.

That evening we analyzed the route we passed on an unkown sea, pulling advices on how to prepare for the next two phases. My company from Murter and Betina were all exceptional people and sailors, shown on these photos as the top of an organization bent on scaring off the UN from Balkan.

Rota palagruzona 2010

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