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tradition represented by the lateen sail

Rovinj 10.6.2012.


The regata of Rovinj is the biggest congregation of traditional sailing boats on the western side of Istria. Fans of traditional sailing come from neighbouring countries enjoy visiting this event.

The weather in the evening before the event was nice and calm, in spite of bad forecasts for that night.

Jugo, south wind. Crews hurry to prepare and secure their boats. "Pol Oriha", a distinct and charming boat, is giving it's sparse crew the most difficulties.

The regata starts. With the return of our friends from Italy and Slovenia, we see a big diversity in boats. There are newcomers, but also boats that have been coming here for quite some time now. More and more boats are coming from Kvarner, showing us that the will to preserve traditional sailing boats is stronger than ever.

With the waves growing in size, the regata turns into an adventure. Big boats struggle with the waves while smaller ones dissapear behind them, with only the sail showing they're still going.

Smaller boats are having a hard time competing with bigger ones, which prefer these stronger winds.

The area for the regata surrounds the nearby city, so the whole event can be observed while taking a walk.

The scene of many various traditional sailing boats wrestling with waves in front of the city is an attractive sight for visitors. These kinds of memorable scenes also greatly help show the importance of preserving traditional sailing.

There were moments that reminded me of the legendary 2010. Rota Palagruzona.
Sailing is on the edge.

The top photographs show the moment when the guc from Lovran skillfully avoided flipping over.

All the contestants have successfully finished the regata. This regata will most likely remain in good memory for everyone.

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