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tradition represented by the lateen sail

Ugrinic 8.7.2012.


A quiet morning. Two gajetas are lightly drifting on the sea. The heat calms everyone down. This almost idylicall moment is quickly disrupted by the sound of boats engines arriving for the regata.

Groups came from Tribunj, Jezera, Biograd, Pa¹man, with the largest group being the Murter-Betina association Latinsko idro. Everyone joined to support the movement called latinsko idro that has been expanding over the Adriatic, especially in Dalmatia, for the last fifteen years. Kvarner and Istria have similar events, so they come to visit us often.

This kind of event is something every fan of traditional sailing dreams of.

With help and support from our friends, traditional boat regatas have been held in the Pa¹man channel for years. Every year it attracts more and more competitors and is showing promise to become a big tourist attraction.

The regata has finished. Boats are tied in the port and the route is analyzed. Because Ugljan is long and the currents are strong, the route was full of suprises. An interesting discussion.

The Pa¹man channel is a good place for sailing and people love to attend this event. Everyone has to work together for this event to continue, because it would be a sin not to sail in this area. Here is a YouTube video for the end.

And here is two movies from Ugrinic at Youtube.


We'll see you on Pa¹man next year, and until then we have Zlarin, Betina, Murter, Neretva, Fa¾ana, Krk, Nerezine...


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