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tradition represented by the lateen sail
26. 8. 2018.

Betina 19.8.2018.


The bora is usually considered a healthy but dangerous wind, especially at sea and especially when sailing. Its blows require special attention from the helmsman and crew when sailing. However, accidents and mishaps are common. For this year's Regatta for Soul and Body in Betina, the possibility of a bora was constantly mentioned. However, a nice mistral was blowing at the start, so the sailing was really pleasant. Heavier boats, like Cicibela, chased the wind well so they led the race to the first turn. Everything pointed to fast tourist sailing.


Near the islet of Sustipanac, a bora suddenly blew. Several ships lowered their sails knowing that the first blow of the bora could be dangerous. Tourist sailing soon became a battle with the bora. Some lantina and some sails were damaged. The bora has once again shown why it is notorious when it comes to sailing. As quickly as it came so quickly it passed.

See you soon in Šepurina.

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