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tradition represented by the lateen sail
16. 9. 2017.

Burtiž - Šepurina 3.9.2017.


For the third time in a decade of this portal's existance I'm publishing a report from a regatta I didn't attend. Why do I do this? Because it's a beautiful story about sea, tradition and perserverence.

Our sea is known for its unstable weather conditions. After a few rainy days in Šepurine, when it seemed like the event wasn't going to happen, the rain stopped and we got our chance.

The Šepurina Burtiž has always been one of the most liked sea festival, and this year's organizational problems have prompted the formation of a new group of enthusiasts that want to preserve the tradition of Burtiž. Everything was done within ten days, and the only unknown left was the weather.

When it seemed like rain would spoil everything, only hope and perserverance remained. Forecasts showed some possibility of better weather, so all potential participants were called and convinced to come. And it paid off. Sixteen boats from Murter, Betina, Jezera, Zlarin, Krapanj, Vodica and Srima, along with several domestic ones.

In the area between Vodice and the islands of Tribunj and Prvić, a huge cruise ship appeared. The regatta committee decided to set the route around it instead of the buoys. This way, the passangers of the cruise ship were given an opportunity to watch a highly reputable regatta. The cheerful atmosphere was complemeted by the duo Tedi Spalato and Goran Franić, spontaneously assembled after dinner. These two professionals made the evening memorable. The participants were somewhat surprised and agreed that this was one of the best events ever.

a few photos can be viewed on facebook
facebook - Ivan Ivičin


The organizers dedicate this regatta to the recently dead Roko Cukrov Riba,
who always helped and worked in the village's best interest.
That's why they worked so hard to make this regatta happen.













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