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tradition represented by the lateen sail
10. 9. 2018.

Burtiž - Šepurina 2.9.2018.


For the second year in a row, Burtiž in Šepurina has been postponed for a few days. This time the reason was announced extremely bad weather. As this regatta gained its reputation by caring for the participants, this change was explained by the words "we do not want anyone to sail ugly or unpleasant" which is well accepted by many crews. However, bad weather was expected again next Sunday. And now what? Postpone another week! ??

It is easy for everyone except the decision maker. It was estimated that a period of several hours of good weather could occur, so it was decided to go to the regatta, whatever. The night before, heavy rain fell in and around Šepurina. On the morning of the regatta day the weather was nice with a light south wind for a good sailing. That glimmer of good weather has served us for now. Participants, and especially the organizers, do not hide their joy. The great atmosphere in the village is typical for Burtiž in Šepurina. There was a relatively short route to a large cruise ship in front of Vodice. Good decision because, according to the forecast, the south wind has weakened. In the evening, a few minutes after the music program, very heavy rain flooded the streets and chased the participants around the surrounding cafes. In the following days, there was talk on social networks about another successful edition of Burtiž in Šepurina.

The Days of the Latin Sail in Murter follow. The largest regatta of traditional boats on the Croatian side of the Adriatic. We wish them good luck with the weather, and the forecasts are very favorable for now.

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