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tradition represented by the lateen sail
11. 8. 2020.

Burtiž - Šepurina 9.8.2020.


It has already been written about three distinguished members who left us this year, and whose work has left significant traces in the short history of the manifestations of maritime heritage and the regatta Burtiž in Šepurina. Read more ... The long-proven tenacity of Burtiž and the ability to solve problems have encountered too many obstacles in the form of a global epidemic of coronavirus. Wanting to keep a glimmer of hope, a revival voyage was held this year without any announcement or organization. Respecting the strictest epidemiological recommendations, two gajets sailed, Mila and Ines. On one of them is a veteran crew known throughout the Adriatic, and on the other the young hopes of the Burtiž in Šepurina. Although the weather is quite changeable and unpredictable these days, the mistral has blown enough for the show's character of sailing.














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