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tradition represented by the lateen sail
8. 8. 2016.

Fiumare 2016.


FIUMARE - The Kvarner Festival had started several years ago as a small regatta with great ambitions. Today it is a festival in the true sense of the word. It offers a variety of content. Pre-program, promotional sailing, lectures, exhibitions, presentations, parades, regattas, fireworks, dinners, music, songs ... The main attraction was the great parade that consisted of dozens of ships ranging from 4 to 44 meters. The goal is to get people from Rijeka acquainted with maritime heritage, to make Rijeka a maritime city again.

The people from Kvarner are well-organized and have the support of organizations from Istria and Kvarner, as well as an ever-growing support of friends from Dalmatia. This time, representatives of the Association of Latinsko Idro Murter-Betina visited them, after sailing for 120 nautical miles to reach them.


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