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tradition represented by the lateen sail
8. 10. 2018.

Latinsko idro - Murter 30.9.2018.


This year, the Latin Sail in Murter marks the 20th anniversary of the Latin Sail association. A very rich program covers many aspects of the association's goals. The celebrants thanked everyone who helped them in their work. Thus, they expressed their gratitude to me, as well as to many others, for their contribution to the goals of the Association and help in preserving the maritime tradition.

The biggest and most famous event, however, is the regatta. The overall rating of the event is often reduced, completely unfairly, to the rating of the final regatta. And she has been very successful this year. The excellent wind drove the boats well so that the majority of the participants sailed the given route in less than two hours. After a very dynamic start, the order of the favorites was established, which remained almost unchanged until the end, which means that there were no mistakes.

Among the events I would highlight two for me as well as for most visitors exceptional. The first is the exhibition of photographs BAŽOKIĆ dedicated to the ship, the master and the crew. It opened in early August and closed after the regatta. I am proud to point out that I have been a member of their crew several times. In addition to good photos, it stands out by arranging the ambience. The whole street, according to the idea of the architest Nikola Bašić, is sprinkled with laurel and myrtle leavs that have been radiating the scens of the Mediterranean for days.

Another special event is a dinner called "At My Grandma's". The ambience on the waterfront is like a local kitchen. Tables and seats were set up, fireplaces were made on which traditional dishes were cooked. People eating, drinking, singing and talkingd until late at night.

As time has a significant impact on the success of such events, I would have to say a few words. The whole summer was very hot with red and orange alarms. Let's look at reports from previous regattas this year. So on Murter, as well as on the entire Adriatic, the day before the regatta, a strong bora blew and worried the organizers. Friends from Hvar and Vrboska sailed at that wind, while some unfortunately gave up. A beautiful mistral was blowing for the regatta. Next morning the guests sailed back because the weather forecast is mostly south wind and rain. The guests are the heroes of the regatta because they come from a distance, making this event the central ceremony of the sea and sailors of the entire Adriatic.

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