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tradition represented by the lateen sail
8. 8. 2020.

Voyage around Prvić 5.8.2020.

One of the traditions is group sailing on festive occasions on a holiday or a special event. Sometimes that voyage would turn into speed competition. In the time of sailing on oars and sails, this showed power and skill. Over time, the criteria change, modernize, but the most important thing is to preserve the tradition.

This year, the covid-19 intervened in the organization of traditional customs. What to do? One should be reminded of the golden rule at sea: a wise man will give in to the force of nature such as the sea and take refuge. It is the same with the force of the disease. Preserving tradition is not a technical question: "sail or not?" Preserving tradition is a state of mind, and he still wants to respect customs, so one skipped occasion does not mean darkening the mind and breaking the tradition. They will sail and sail and celebrate when possible.

Voyage did not officially sail around the island in PrviŠ Luka, but several people respected the custom and sailed around the island on Victory Day at six o'clock in the afternoon. There are people on each ship who live together, there is no contact with the crews of other vessels, and the festivities have been postponed for, hopefully, a more appropriate time. There was no special risk, so the desire to preserve the tradition is particularly strong and especially valuable. As many young people took part in the voyage, the optimism is higher.

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