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tradition represented by the lateen sail

Betina 19.8.2012.


Not a lot of regatas were so highly anticipated as this one. Since the beginning of July our friends from Kvarner, and those further south, have been asking us whether it will be "za gospu ili u nedilju". The popularity of the Regata za Dušu i Tilo has been growing over the past few years and has become a significant event for traditional sailing. This year, it attracted over fifty boats.

Little by little the port filled up with boats. Among them a new one appeared, MU 554.

Just before the start, a cloud of smoke drifted in from a nearby forest fire, throwing a shadow on the boats and causing an interesting light effect i hope to use in one of my future exhibitions.

With a fast start everyone is rushing to get out of the port in order to avoid lost of time.

The port is empty. Boats start to build distances between them. Some of them, due to their specifical construction, make some drastic repositioning. All of this is observed from the pier.
After all the boats arrived back there was a traditional celebration, but everything was very calm, in typicall Betinian fashion. But why is it like this? Handling a boat requires a calm and clear head, or you won't be able to do a good job. They approach every serious work in this way, and this regata was very important to them.


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