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Body and Soul Regatta - Betina 15.8.2013.


The morning of the regata didn't feel like there was any major event happening. Just a few hosts and guests eating outside. Most of the participants went to have lunch after they arrived.

At around one o'clock something started happening, but nothing out of the ordinary for this kind of event. Pessimists already started talking how the event will be boring. That might be, but for the last two days there was talk about possible strong wind bura. If we have a too strong wind, we won't be able to sail at all, and this anticipation kind of dulled the mood.

Still, people are here. They talk, prepare for the regata, and are mostly just happy to be here. This event come only once a year. The start is always very exciting. Getting a good position is not important just for getting a good head start, but also to avoid any complications such as tangling ropes and bumping into each other.

The start was still pretty rough. The usual crowded start just got worse approaching the first buoy. But the wind is very good for sailing. As boats sail towards Sustipanac, the crowd dissipates. With the wind getting stronger, the faster boats got further ahead while the others stayed closer to each other.

The wind is getting stronger by the moment. The ones ahead get into a lee where they waited for the others to catch up. But leaving the lee everyone had to deal with a strong gust of wind, pushing them around and even causing some bumps. The wind isn't slowing down. Waves are growing, sails are being ripped. We're getting concerned and are taking every maneuver we make seriously.

Tek smo prošli polovicu predviđene rute. Vraćamo se, ionako je bila postavljena predugo. Nije ni to lako izvesti jer ne možemo skupiti jedra na vjetru pa idemo napred pod otok u zavjetrinu. Sada se okrećemo.

There is some commotion in front of us. First we tought it was someone with a motor boat, refusing to move out of the way for our sailing boats, but they were in fact helping out another boat that was sinking. The weather is just getting worse and we were forced to go back, just as we reached halfway of the determined route.

When they brought the sunken boat, pumping out the water became a new attraction to watch.

Among all the boats I recognized MU612 that was displayed on the Zagreb Nautical Fair. A very beautiful boat.

Elders discuss all these broken masts and torn sails.

The Betina regata once again justified it's title as the regata for body and soul.

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