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tradition represented by the lateen sail

BURTIZ - Sepurina 25.8.2013.


This year Burtiž in Šepurina grew for one more day. It doubled in size. A festival of island products, followed by a show for children and songs for adults. We were supported by our friends from Tkon, Žirje, Prvić Luka, Vodice, Zagreb...

The next morning bad weather forecasts cause some anxiety. Rain started falling. Looking at Tribunj you couldn't see one single sail. This weather doesn't allow any sailing.

It's raining so hard right not, you can't even see Tribunj. We recieve word about a storm in Zadar and Tokno, passing Murter. No one is out at sea if they don't have to.

We hope to gather at least a couple of boats to sail. Last year we didn't sail due to bad weather. So far, it's the same this year. It's scary to think this might go on.

Let's invite people and pick them up in Vodice. The people matter, not the boats. We call our firends, and they all agree to come. They're arriving in cars, vans, trawlers. No more lament, we're having our Burtiž.

Lirica is arriving from Vodice, bringing a lot of people, including drummers from the Netherlands and their friends, rising everyone's spirit with their music.

Boats are arriving from Zlarin, Srima, Tribunj, Betina... There'll be almost a dozen boats. Excellent.

Thanks to everyone. Burtiž lives on!

The wind is blowing lightly and in short bursts. It's enough for a short route. The charm of sailing is that the weather affects everyone equally, and it takes personal situation assessment and adaptation to determine the winner, but that doesn't matter. We organized this Burtiž from scratch.

The competitive part is brought to an end. The host won in the leut category. Šepurinians also won in the lighter category. The winner of the gajeta category, as well as the overall winner, was Stipaničev from Tribunj, who finds joy in each of his sailing expiriences.

Right after the regata, Murterians and Betinians brought some music from Vodice. This is the first time a regata had a lot of people and very few boats. Lateen sail is not about the sails or the boats. It's about celebrating our past. Celebrating a time that we still carry with us. Lateen sail, burtiz, kureja, treva, batana, falkusa, guci and gajetas are the motives for the people to celebrate their past.

The good mood completely overhadowed our fears from this morning. Conversations over a good barbeque and song.

Drummers joined the festivity with their music, spreading more good vibrations through the crowd. Nobody expected that hundreds of people would all join the celebration. Burtiž exceeded itself this year, earning once again it's title of the favourite traditional boats regata.

The Netherlanders announced they will be visiting us again next year. All we need is good food, drinks and song, all under the sails of traditional boats. Thanks once again to everyone who contributed to Burtiž.

drummers at Šepurina T

drummers at Šepurina W

in ftont of old church


drummers dance

last dance

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