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tradition represented by the lateen sail
27. 8. 2016.

Burtiž - Šepurina 21.8.2016.

People came for the sailing and, since the conditions were good, all the organizational issues had fallen into the second plan. Good sailing has brought Burtiž back into the circle of prominent maritime manifestations. Through people's socializing over dinner and song, Šepurina has shown its trump card- ambience. Although there is usually no word in the regatta reports about the competition part, the organizers who shared the prosciutto with the winners should be praised. The best placed Šepurinian deserves a special highlight. He especially deserved the prosciutto because he visits all the regattas in the area, so many of the participants in those events to visit Šepurina. Most of the boats that arrived from more distant areas (Murter, Betina, Jezera, Krapanj) left at around midnight in anticipation of the weather chaning for the worse.
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