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LATEEN SAIL DAYS 2009 - visit to Mana and event in Vrulje

Sailing through the Kornati archipelago is always interesting, and especially so when the captain is a local. Experienced captains can navigate shallows and barely noticeable reefs you wouldn't get to see with someone who, not knowing the area, gives them a wide berth.
The ruins on Mana, although only 50 years old, always spark curiosity, but to me they are even more amazing in the light of their newly discovered origins. Mana is an interesting location, not only because of the filming locations. In fact, the island was probably chosen as the filming location due to its interesting layout. A secluded bay on one side, from where not a hundred meters of slight incline takes you to the sheer cliff face dropping vertically into the sea 40 meters below, and plunging a further 50 meters to the sea bottom.

Stunt doubles for the main actors reminisce and tell us of the filming.

Vrulje are very quiet out of season, but in season it's full of yachts and sailing ships stopping by at the local restaurants.
After lunch, we hear the stories. About the filming, about the (for the small town of Murter) huge project and undertaking, the excitement. For a few months, the rural Murter felt like a modern metropolis. And with the crop failures and the olive tree disease in the years preceeding the filming, the money the people of Murter made working on the movie is believed to have literally saved them from starvation.

Lateen Sail Days 2009

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