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tradition represented by the lateen sail
3. 8. 2017.

Lantina - Jezera 23.7.2017.

Traditional wooden boats regattas are the most attractive maritime manifestations. The Lantina Jezera quickly became one of the most popular ones among skippers from Pa¹man to Krapanj. The social aspect is marked by meetups between old friends and spiced up with song and good local cuisine. The weather, and especially the wind, define the character of every sailing. This year, it was quite leisurely. Accordingly, a significant portion of the boats had a fair amount of crewmembers. In my opinion, this is valuable because it's the best way to spread good word about traditional regattas. Among the ten or so people on our leut was the captian's friend from Slovenia who was ecstatic about his first sailig on this kind of boats.
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