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tradition represented by the lateen sail

LATEEN SAIL 2009 - preparations and start toward cape Tegina
The sailing race day is a special day on Murter. Guests are arriving. Final preparations are made, boats are undergoing their final inspections. People are looking for openings in the crews. Everyone wants to participate.
In the morning, pilots register their crews and are given the final details of the race. The crews themselves are enjoying the pre-race festivities.
The crew of the Bazokic arrived at the last moment. In traditional garb and accompanied with old folk songs, their entrance is a spectacle in itself.
Boats are grouped by category at the starting line, with the fiercest competitors clumped close together. The "bitter rivals" join in song.
The classical "gajeta" are positioned off to the other side. Most boats in the race are the traditional "gajeta", and that class is what the people came here to see.

Spirits are high, and everyone is excited to be part of the event.

Anticipation . . .




The start is hectic. Everyone is angling for a better position, trying to catch a good wind and take the lead.

The first couple of minutes are crucial. It's hard to make up for lost time later on, so getting a good position is critical. There are only a few spots along the route where you can catch up or overtake the oponents, and a good start will give you a trememndous advantage.

Lateen Sail 2009

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