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tradition represented by the lateen sail

regatta 2010

In the morning of September 26th, the day of the regata Latinsko idro 2010, the weather wasn't going in anyone's favor. Jugo and heavy rain. The hosts are stubborn and they keep insisting on sailing. Last week's floods, yesterday's heavy rainfall and news from Zadar and Sibenik about floods bring bad news for our ten year long tradition. A good scenery for a photographer, but not a nice one for the oragnisers. The Condura Croatica draws everyone attention with it's unusall looks.

Everyone's fears dissaper when the sun rays start breaking through the clouds. That day on Murter we probably had the nicest weather in all of Croatia. A lot of the boats never arrived because of the bad forecasts. Mociguzica from Hvar didn't arrive, all from Sepurina and Simun from Pasman were stopped by the bad weather too. But we're most sorry for the new competitors that couldn't come due to the bad weather. Rogoznica, Drvenik, Prvic Luka... All that wanted to join us on our regatas. The young that will carry on the tradition and the old that remember the past days.

Still, there are enough boats and enough will and good wind to start sailing.

The boats take off carried by good wind. About a dozne separated from the others sailing towards Sustipanac. After the turn just a couple of favourites separated from the others. They're all within a hunderd meters from one another, foreshadowing a tense struggle near the finish line. Seconds will matter and every turn must be made without a single mistake.

One leut and three gajetas are sailing towards the murterinian valley where they will have a fierce struggle during turning by Tegina and Mali Vinik. The leut is good at catching wind, but the captian knows that the finish iz up the wind. The gajets Mala Matulica and Dumina are getting ready for a clash, and Ciro is right behiund them. However, by the first turn at Tegina Dumina loses it's sail. The main competitors are now Jaruh and Mala Matulica. The gajeta has the upper hand because of it's better handling, but the finish line is still almost a mile away. The TV crew on board with the expirienced Granik know where the most interesting point will be so they're stationed near it. Mala Matulica wins the race by less than a minute before Jaruh.

The weather is still good, just as we wished for. One couldn't come to the conclusion that rain caused floods throught Croatia this day. The regata, although it was the 13th, finished very well. The organizers organized the biggest fest of traditional boats on the Adriatic.

Lateen sail 2010

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