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tradition represented by the lateen sail
16. 11. 2017

Latinsko idro - Murter 1.10.2017.


Lateen Sail ends with the largest traditional boats regatta on this side of the Adriatic, preceded with brunch in Murter and Betina. This is a chance to meet distant friends from Hvar, Komiža, Split, Kvarner and Istra. The program continued in the evening with a guitar concert by Ivan Korunić and Mate Skračić, and ended with night sailing by the Murter bay.

This years regatta had the atmosphere of a grand event. People come to this event because they consider it a mutual celebration of maritime tradition, and meeting old and new friends is one of the greatest values of the Lateen Sail. Wether they come from near or distant places, all guests are respected equally. Seeing that next year this event is celebrating its 20th anniversary, people consider this event an excellent overture. There's lots of work to be done to make it a worhty celebration.



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