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tradition represented by the lateen sail

ROTA PALAGRUZONA 2010 - Komiza - Murter

After six days of sailing, the day to return came. On the day of June 26th, at dawn we set sail to Murter. Sailing with us are our friends from the Sajeta. They're heading all the way to Bakar and, depending on the weather conditions, they still have two days more to their destination. The moon still hasn't set and the sun should start warming us up soon.

Korcula, Peljesac, Lastovo and Mljet barely show themselves in the distance. I recognize Brac and Solta.

On our journey we are pursued by rain, maestral, sunshine, rain, sunshine... and sleep.

Ariving at the Sibenik archipelagos, we notice how quiet these islands are, but we are aware of the eternal rule: there is no such thing as a safe sea and always be cautious. We're glad that our boats attract attention. Looking at any of these islands you can say that loneliness is very rare.

Our arrival is watched by families from the shore.

After a week long journey, we're happy to return to our home harbour of Murter.

People take one last group photo, after which everyone goes their own way, having to deal with work that gathered during their week long absence.

We have conversation material.

Rota palagruzona 2010

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