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tradition represented by the lateen sail

from Murter to Palagruza and back

After a test sail in 2009., organizers have decided to hold a full regata to Palagruza "if the weather serves them". The regata Hvar - Vis - Komiza - Palagruza is the most difficult route for traditional boats. It's a race for only the skillful and bold, with only 19 competitors from which only nine of them went for the final phase - to Palagruza.

The unpredictable weather in June, especially in the week of the regata, made it difficult to reach a decision weather to hold the event or not. On the other hand, the wish for an organized event needed support more than ever. People from Murter and Betina are aware of the difficulties they face when organizing their regata Latinsko idro, so they decided to help as best they can. To send three boats is more than enough support, while the fact that three more boats are arriving from the Sibenik area left everyone speechless.

departure from Murter


Hvar - Vis


Vis - Komiza



Palagruza - Komiza



Komiza - Murter



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