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tradition represented by the lateen sail

ROTA PALAGRUZONA 2011 - to Komiza

Unlike last years trip during the Rota Palagruzona with a fleet of four boats, this year only one is going. The successful crew from Murter and Betina took me as their fifth crew member and we embarked on this big journey.Although we had a nice weather during our trip, the forcast said to expect bad weather conditions on our way to Palagruza. Still we press on because we want to keep this huge regata and create a tradition.

We head off to Rogoznica where we plan to spend the night. Late dinner on Razanj.

Early in the morning we proceed to Komiza. We see the lighthouse Mulo, cape Ploca and in the distance Mrduja.

Vis and Svetec are closer and closer, and we arrive at Barjak near Komiza. Some boats were already there, both of the falkusa and the bracer Gospa od mora, a new beautiful boat in this company.

It's lively in the port beneath Komuna. Sinoptic maps are being examined and commented. We will head out, but we must see how and when.

Not finding an answer we went to Bisevo to meet our friends. The nine kilogram fish brudet was almost done. It wont get cold because the heat is infernal, and we're very hunger from the journey.

After lunch we set sail twoards Komiza and we try out our new sail, our new ace to beat the falkusa. Just as long as we don't sail down the wind, where the falkusa are at their best. In any other combination, we're better. Falkusas fare better sailing down the wind because they were made like that. It was constructed to get to Palagruze as fast as it can. Maestral is an ideal wind for it. Once it reaches the shore the crew pulls it out. After loading up salted and dried fish jugo was an ideal wind to go back. It was all about catching a good timing, while we have to follow our calendar.

The sail is OK, we're satisfied with the sails and we're heading to a meeting in front of the caffetteria kod KEKE.

Bad weather condition is expected for our return trip. We have to wait two-three nights to head back. My crew won't let me board the Kraljica mora or Plovput because I'm needed on the Jaruh.


We meet numerous friends.

The leuts of Slobodne dalmacije, Benta dorta, Leute moj, Milos, Zanki, Lemesic, Jerat and the crew of the Jaruh, Pomozi boze and many others.

Ivo Pervan's photo exhibition was opened in the evening. Amazing. Usually the quiet type, Ivo showed he can be good in action reporting during his dynamic sail last year from Hvar to Vis.


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