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tradition represented by the lateen sail

ROTA PALAGRUZONA 2011 - towards Palagruza

Boats of the contenders of Rota Palagruzona 2011 are in the port. This is their third attempt to reach Palagruza. Last year we had very good conditions from start to finish, while all the other days the conditions were not so bright. This year the conditions for the departure weem good, which isn't the case for the return trip. You can never overpower the sea.

Still we start preparing to start.

The crew members take pictures in a positive atmosphere. We're being sent back to the port, still there are a few words they want to say, plus the minister is late. We're not happy, because once you set sail, you don't return on such short notice.

Next to us is the Gospa od mora, a new beautiful bracera. The crew is excited to see how well it will hold up with it's older brothers and sisters, seeing this is the boat's first time on Palagruza. We set sail again.

One group of people gathered to watch another group of people sail. Almost a dozen boats. It's going to be a long, 42 mile journey.


Although the trip is long and the winds are unstable, everyone is trying to have the best start they can.

Bracera has to row to catch some wind. The start is very lively. Everyone is trying to catch an early lead before the wind starts blowing.

Soon the boats scattered and they could barely see one another. They will now continue their lonesome journey to the loneliest island of Jadran.

Due to the weak wind sailing is slow. The regata commity declares a new, shorter route since we probably wont make it to Palagruza before twilight. There is also a probability of the weather getting worse in the following two days.

The falkusa have once again won in their category, but seeing that there are as many categories as there are boats, everyone's a winner. We sail in memory of those old sailors that had to win a race for a better catch and an easier life for their family. It's not a competition. Let's call it a festival of the sea.

The next morning, as we were watching Komiza wake up with the first rays of the sun, we decided to go back to Murter. Bad weather is waiting for us. Bura, tramuntana, maestral, one after another they change while the sea itself is throwing us around. Just near Prvic did we catch a quiet moment so we could eat something. If this hard work will help create to preserve traditional sailing, it's worth it.


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