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tradition represented by the lateen sail


From the large program I present the ones I've been to or was a part of. On friday, 21st of august, the opening of Georg Gindl's photo exhibition was visited by almost a dozen boats from Murter and the surrounding area.

In Šibenik they prepared appropriate moor where they demonstrated how to equip a boat. Kids from the sailing school were preparing the Kurnatarica for sailing while professor Juraga was explaining the role of each part of a boat.

In Juraj Šižgorić's bookstore, Georg Grindl shows an impressive collection of photos he took while he was on Murter and Kornati during Lateen Sail in the last decade.


The next morning the program continued with a demonstration of an old technique of coloring cotton nets. For years this demonstration has been a key part of Lateen Sail, and the footage was published in a tourist promo WOW Croatia by author Ashley Colburn.

There was a photo exhibition held in Betina in the evening, with the theme being the TRADITIONAL BOATS REGATA.

On saturday the 29th, just before the regata, Domestic word was held. People would recite funny stories, tell tales and sing songs. It was a beautiful night, with expectation of rain giving a specific atmosphere.

The program ended with a recital of Sea, boat and me by Ive Šikić and klapa Mela, followed with author Vedran Šikić.


The last side event was a presantation by Gilbert Penza from Venice. It was about the current state of the marine tradition in Italy. To learn more about their activites you can go to www.veniceboats.com.

Lateen sail 2012

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